Saturday, January 28, 2012


For Christmas this year we got the boys each one gift (a bike for Jack and a small Thomas track for Charlie… well, and Josh got a new pack of pacifiers Smile) and decided to drive down to Disney World for one of the days we were in FL. My parents and sister decided to go too, and it was such a treat to have extra grown-ups to help with all the littles.

My dad even got us a hotel the night before, so we wouldn’t have to do the drive down and back all in one day.

The boys pretty much thought the hotel WAS Disney.

Disney (3)Disney (6)

Ready to head out the next morning.

Disney (15)Disney (16)

On the ferry boat. We took 2 single strollers and a baby Bjorn and swapped kids in and out all day. It worked wonderfully!

Disney (17)Disney (18)Disney (19)

As we were walking into the Magic Kingdom one of the many character shows was beginning. This was Jack’s very favorite part of our day. He LOVED watching the character sing and dance!

Disney (20)

Dumbo was a hit with both boys!

Disney (26)

Any carousel is a happy time.

Disney (30)

While we were on a ride, Aunt Lala got the boys these Mickey ear hats. They adore their hats and still wear them daily. Jack even took his for Share Day at school.

Disney (32)

Waiting in line at Mickey’s Philharmagic (a 3-D show) and the ever infamous “It’s a Small World.”

Disney (33)Disney (36)

Enjoying a classic Mickey Ears Ice Cream, then watching the parade on Daddy’s shoulders.

Disney (37)Disney (44)

Gigi and Papa… Lala and Jack

Disney (51)Disney (56)

The kiddos definitely wore down, but they did great with no naps. That evening we watched the parade and rode the train all around the park to see everything one more time.

Disney (60)Disney (65)

Josh was a little confused, and Charlie was out before we even got on the tram back to our car.

Disney (66)Disney (71)

I feel so lucky that we were able to take the boys to “The Happiest Place on Earth,” and share their excitement with them.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Joshua’s Baptism

Boy, I’m really behind! I’m going to attempt to catch up in a few days, so that I have special events like this one documented in my boys’ lives.

Over Thanksgiving weekend my family (mom, dad, sister and grandmother) came into town, and we took the opportunity to have Joshua baptized that Sunday. It was special to have so many important people in Joshua’s life there as he was welcomed into God’s family.

Joshua, Mama, Daddy, and his sponsor, my good friend Cheryl


Our whole crew… minus Colton? Not sure where that little rascal got to!


I’m not sure I’ve ever written about the baptismal gown our boys have worn. It was made by my great grandmother (who I never knew) for my grandmother, her first child. It is meticulously sewn by hand, with beautiful embroidery, and has lasted almost 100 years, and has been worn by my grandmother, her six children, her thirteen grandchildren, and many of her great grandchildren, my boys included. Such a special piece of history.


A few of the things I put out on the food table at the little reception we had at our house. The tree in the background is has the thumbprints of all of those who came to visit him in his first days and weeks. We added the prints of a few of my family members who couldn’t come then, and now it hangs in his room.


Cheryl, who’s an amazing paper crafter, made Josh this beautiful candle holder with his verse on the back. We’ll light it every year on his baptismal birthday as we remember the waters of his baptism.


For a blast from the past, you can read about Charlie’s baptism here, and Jack’s here.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

November in the Friedrich home

Now that it’s almost Christmas, I figured I’d better do a little catching up! (That and my mom’s bugging me to update. Hi Mom!)

November was a great, busy month… full of kiddos, guests, sewing, and work. Here are a few highlights in photos.

A family of Mizzou fans- woo SEC!


Jack in his turkey shirt and birthday crown. Because his birthday fell right around their preschool Halloween party, we actually sent treats in November.


Jack’s “thankful” homework.


Charlie’s thankful too!


I actually decorated for Thanksgiving with a simple banner and a thankful tree this year!


Allison held an Iron Chef competition, and Joshua helped Mama and Daddy judge.


I sewed… a lot. Here’s Joshua’s turkey bib…DSC00129

and I made five tree skirts total, including these two.


Best of all, my family came for Thanksgiving and Joshua’s baptism!


More on Josh’s baptism on the next post!


And that was November in our home!