Thursday, February 14, 2008

First Valentine's Day

Jack, Mike and I enjoyed our first Valentine's Day as a family of three today. Jack was very cute in his V-Day onesie and bib. I have to say, just being with our little guy is the best Valentine's Day present in the world, but Jack got Mommy some new heart pj's and Dad the first season of Spongebob on DVD. He also got to come to my school's party at the end of the day today, so I got to show him off. :-)

This past Monday Allison and Kenny were both sick, so I watched Kennison for a few hours so they could rest up. Kennison was a very good kiddo and played (and napped!) well, but I learned I am definitely not ready for 2 yet! I was exhausted at the end of 4 hours, and that was with Kennison and Jack both having pretty good days! I did get some cute pictures of the two of them playing together, though. Kennison is a very good big cousin and got Jack to smile at her several times!
The last picture is from last Sunday just before we left for church. This sweet outfit is from a teacher-friend of mine. He was so sweet in it, I just had to snap his picture in it. Take a look, Mrs. Hamill!
That's all for now! Jack was 16 lbs. on Monday- as big as the 6 month old in our breastfeeding support group. Oh, my! My arm muscles are definitely getting bigger!

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Amy said...

Tori -

I love that you all have blogs now!! It is so fun to look at all the fun pictures and hear about all the exciting things that are happening. Can't wait to see you all in March!!