Thursday, March 20, 2008

Do you need a gallbadder?

The answer is no. Apparently the only thing a gallbladder does is cause trouble.

For Allison, that is. I'm sure she'll be posting something on her blog about her eventful week, so I'll tell the story from my perspective. At 2:30 Wednesday morning Allison called me and asked me to come watch her kids. She was having a gallbladder attack and she and Kenny were headed to the ER. Luckily (I guess) Jack was having a bad night, so I was already up when she called. So I got Jack packed up and we were at their house by 2:45. The night went something like this:

2:45 Kennison and Jack awake in the bed. Colton wakes up to eat.
3:00 Finish feeding Colton, put him back in his crib. Feed Jack.
3:25 Jack fed and rocked to sleep. Colton is crying again.
3:30 Colton spit up ALL over himself/ the crib. Change him and move him to the bed in the boppy.
3:45 Colton and Jack are both FINALLY asleep. Rub Kennison's back.
4:00 Kennison FINALLY asleep, so I can sleep. YAY!
5:45 Colton cries for food. While I'm fixing the bottle, Jack and Kennison wake up.
6:00 Colton is fed. Back to the boppy. Feed Jack.
6:30 Jack and Kennison both asleep. Me too!
7:20 Kristin (Kenny's sister) arrives to help me. Colton and Kennison are awake.
8:10 Jack wakes up and we're all up for the day.

Kristin stayed until about 11, and I learned what it was like to be a Mommy of 3! (By the way, YIKES!) Allison had surgery to remove her gallbladder and is recovering well. She even went home last night.

Then, today, Jack got to come to school with me all day. His babysitter Wendy's kids were sick so he became a student for the day! He was great, but Mom is TIRED! So, that's all for this post. No pictures in this one!

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