Sunday, March 16, 2008


Yesterday Jack, Kennison and I went to the Brookside St. Patty's Day parade. My school walks in the parade and last year Kennison and I had such a good time that I was sure we would again this year! It was fun, but it was COLD! I took Allison and Kenny's double stroller, with Jack in the back and Kennison in the front. Kennison still had a great time clapping to the music, waving, and looking at all the balloons and fire trucks. Jack... well, he slept through the whole thing. Here are some pics from our day. Jack and Mommy were twins in our Christ the King shirts and jeans! That is, until we got to the parade and Jack got to wear his snow suit (see below)! Yep- he was the warmest one there!

Jack was tuckered out after the parade. Sleeping though all that noise can really wear a guy out!

Kennison was tired too! She rode part of the way, walked part of the way, and rode on Aunt TaTa's shoulders for the rest of the time. Yeah, I got a workout too!

Me and Kennison after the parade. Apparently I said something REALLY FUNNY!

Jack was happy to be held by Nana Shelley. And Mom was happy to have her arms free for a moment!

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