Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Here's Jack, master pouter.

Today was one of THOSE days. Jack has a cold, AGAIN. He probably got it on the plane. Poor kid has been sick almost as much as he's been well, at least since January. My school musical is tomorrow night, so I've had rehearsals every morning at school this week. Today he had to come with me. He was a good sport, and one of my 8th graders played with him during the rehearsal, which was a lifesaver. The kids got a kick out of his red collared "uniform" onesie that matched their uniform shirts. Too cute.

The rest of the afternoon and evening he fussed between naps, which he actually took plenty of. Not much I (and later Mike) did for him made him happy. The picture above is a perfect example of his mood. Check out those chubby cheeks. Even grumpy, isn't he cute?! It's been rainy here, and all the extra moisture has made his hair really curly in the front. Cuteness. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be feeling much better. He's going to Wendy's during school and then hanging with me at school until Daddy comes to pick him up. I'm sure he'll be in bed by the time I get home. I'm really bummed about not getting to see him for more than a few hours tomorrow. Check back this weekend for more pics!

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