Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

to Gigi, Grandma, Momsie, Great-Grandma Friedrich, Great-Grandma Stark, and Great-Grandmother Lingle! What a lucky boy Jack is to have so many wonderful women in his life!

My Mother's Day weekend started early when I received a cookie bouquet at school on Friday from Kennison and Colton. It was too cute, and I got so many compliments on it. It had one little girl cookie and two little boy cookies, for Kennison, Jack and Colton. Thanks to my favorite (and only!) niece and nephew!

This weekend Mike headed down to Springfield for a fraternity alumni thing, so Jack and I went up to Des Moines with Allison & Kenny and crew to visit Allison's parents. I didn't want to spend my first Mother's Day hanging out alone with Jack, and we had a great time! I'm exhausted after the weekend, though, and have so much respect for single mommies. It is hard work to be baby's one and only for days on end! Nana Shelley and Dale were wonderful hosts, and stuffed us full of yummy food all weekend. We went to the downtown farmer's market, played, and just enjoyed the great company.

When we got home tonight, Jack and Mike gave me a cute card and two new Old Navy polo shirts- my favorite! I'm so thankful on my first Mother's Day to have a happy, healthy baby boy, and I can't wait for all the Mother's Days in our future. Being a mom is truly the best thing I could ever imagine. Enjoy some pictures from this weekend!

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LaLa said... forgot about Great grandmother Lingle!