Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some new things in Jack's life

Jack has had a big few weeks. He's really enjoyed having his Gigi here and has definitely been showing off for her. We'll see her again in two weeks for our family vacation in GA, so I keep telling him that he needs to learn lots of new things in that time and impress her when we get there. I think he's listening! It seems like everyday he learns or does something new. Here are some of the milestone's he's reached or is working on lately!

Jack is standing to play more, and although he can't pull up on stuff (furniture, toys) yet, he pulls up on Mommy lots! He will stand for a long time!

He's trying to crawl... and walk! He's been going from sitting onto his tummy and sometimes getting up on his knees. He even "crawls" backwards when trying to go forward, which makes him VERY mad. His favorite thing, though, is to "walk" holding someone's fingers and has had a blast exploring his new house this way. Now, he's starting to let go of one, sometimes both, hands and attempt the walking thing. He falls, of course, which is not a favorite of his.

Waving! When Gigi says "Hi Jack" and waves her arm, he sometimes waves his arm back. And, no, that's not what he was really doing in this picture, but it sure does look like it, doesn't it!

Sleeping in his crib at night and Pack n' Play for naps. FINALLY! Certainly more of an adjustment for Mommy, and he's doing great!

Other new things that I don't have pictures of:

Playing peek a boo- he'll pull a blanket over his face, and then if you say "Where's Jack?", he'll pull it down and grin

His first ear infection... NOT fun, poor baby! He's a champ with the antibiotic, though, and is feeling much better.

Starting to cruise the Pack n' Play, furniture, and moving from Mommy to the furniture.

Playing football with Daddy. Here's the video:

And here's one more picture of Jack being cute, asleep in his stroller.

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Andes Adventures said...

Yay Jack! You are doing so many great things. You'll be all over the place very soon and then at group, you and I can go exploring and visit our friends on our own. See you Friday I hope.