Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turned 25- a quarter of a century! I'll have to say that my 25th year was the best one yet- so many exciting adventures, not the least of which was becoming a mom. Apparently, though, no one gave Jack the memo that today way my birthday... he was a crabby pants all day! At church this morning I directed the bells. Unfortunately, I had to leave with Jack just after the entrance hymn... so I missed the bulk of the service.
This evening we went to Allison and Kenny's and Allison fixed fajitas- my favorite! I always get them in restaurants because I say they're too much of a pain to fix at home. But Allison didn't seem to mind making them and they were yummy. Above are a few pics of the kiddos tonight. Our camera battery died before cake time, but Kennison decorated a lovely cake for me. You can click here to see a picture of the beautiful cake. For my birthday, I asked Mike if we could go have professional family pictures taken of the three of us. So, now that Jack's hair has been cut, we can put that on the calendar! Here's to another great year!
***UPDATE*** It's now almost 11 pm and Jack is up. We finally gave up comforting him in his room and let him come downstairs for a bit. Apparently Jack wanted to spend a bit more of my birthday with me.

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