Friday, August 22, 2008

He's Everywhere! (a lesson in baby proofing)

First came these, when he started doing this:

Cushiony Jumbo Corner Guards - Prince Lionheart  - Babies DSC01159

Next, came these and these (yet to be installed), all because of this:

Especially for Baby 2-Pack Cabinet Flex Lock - Babies 'R' Us  - Babies Safety 1st 9-Piece Tot-Loc - Loc Assembly - Safety 1st  - BabiesDSC01249

We've had this (for Kennison long before Jack):

Flat Screen TV Guard - TV Guard  - Babies

And now, it seems, we need to take care of places like these:

DSC01244 DSC01161

Now that Jack's taken to walking along walls, pulling up on cabinets, etc...


Maybe it would be safe to just keep him "locked up."


So the lesson in baby proofing? It's never enough!

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