Monday, August 4, 2008

The Mountains: Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday we decided to hike to a waterfall not too far from our cabin. First we went to the Hiawassee Dam, which was cool. DSC00917

Then, we drove to the hiking trail. I'm not sure I can express in words the rest of this trip. The guidebook said it was steep and slick... what it should have said was that the trail was a deathtrap! My dad fell first, right on his tailbone, but mostly walked away unhurt. After that, I got the feeling that I should take Jack, who my mom was carrying. Moments later, my mom fell and wrapped herself around a tree. She is still black and blue and we think she broke a rib. However, we made it, and the waterfall was gorgeous.

DSC00918 DSC00934 DSC00920 DSC00924

DSC00933 DSC00936

On Thursday we packed in the car and drove to Asheville to visit the Biltmore Estate and Winery. Mike and I spent a couple of days during our honeymoon there, so it was neat to visit with the whole family. Jack was SO GOOD- hung out with me in the moby wrap or let Mike carry him (we alternated the 4 floors) and even napped facing me in the wrap for 45 minutes while we walked around. Then we walked around the beautiful estate gardens and participated in a wine tasting at the winery. Other than being HOT (old buildings= no air), it was really fun.

DSC00939 DSC00940 DSC00942 DSC00949 DSC00941

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