Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a mess!

The general state of my living room is alternately clean and a disaster area. One of the reasons I was excited to move into our house is that we would have room to put Jack's toys AWAY, instead of having them crammed in all the empty spaces left in our previously "baby free" home. Since our current home has always included a baby, all the baby stuff was planned for... er, I should say, planned around.

I'm quite proud of the organizational system I've come up with for his living room toys, and I think it works because when Kennison is over playing, she can very successfully help me return everything to it's proper place.

Here's what it looks like:

DSC01180 DSC01181

Now this is what the living room looked like this morning after Jack's morning play session:


And this is what I found him doing when I came back into the living room after getting some more coffee:

DSC01178 DSC01177

DSC01176 DSC01175

Yep, that's the pile of junk mail I was going to take upstairs to shred... And I say again, why do we even buy toys?

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