Sunday, August 3, 2008

What A Week!

Jack and I are in Florida after driving from vacation with my family in the mountains of NC. We had no internet access there, so I am very behind in my blogging. Part of the reason for the blog is to document Jack's adventures, so I'll update in some detail the events of the trip, but since I just have a quick minute while Jack is napping (I'm supposed to be catching up on work :-) I'll say that we had a great time and upload a few preview pics. Jack did spend the first couple days of vacation still sick, but we are thankful that he felt better by Wednesday. He had TONS of firsts, and learned a lot in a week, so it will be exciting to share that as well. But for now, a few pictures.

DSC00876 DSC00890

DSC00923DSC00964DSC00956 DSC00951

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amosclarkson said...

Glad to hear Jack is feeling better & enjoying his time in Florida! Just so you know, I have an invite for you to Eli's bday party on the 23rd at 3pm. I wasn't sure when you were returning so I wanted to be sure you knew ahead of time. Hopefully you can come, Jack! Friday the 8th will be my last Friday as I start work on the 11th. Hope to see you soon!