Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me! Monday


It's Not Me! Monday time again! Click here for the rules and to see the MckMama's recent Not Me! post. Here I go!

* I didn't make Allison pick me up at 4:15 am on Thursday to get me and Jack to the airport on time. Who would do that, anyway?

* I have not had a cold since last Sunday, and I didn't lose my voice after flying on Thursday. I didn't smile, but think "are you deaf?!" when people complimented my hoarse singing at the wedding.

* I did not pop my knee out of socket while getting into my seat on the plane last night, for the fourth time since May. It isn't swollen and killing me, because I'm not getting old.

* I didn't threaten to "put you in your crib and let you scream there" last night when Jack cried, screamed, and kicked from 3:15-3:50 am this morning. I then didn't give in and just let him sleep with me, even though he was still crying because I'm not a softie and I was not tired beyond reason.

* I did not tear up at the news video of the military dad surprising his little girl in the Minnesota airport. Twice. Not me! I'm not emotional like that.

* Jack did not learn several new words and really improve his walking while we were gone, because he is not a genius baby! :-)


Andes Adventures said...

Always enjoy these posts. I have tried to do one myself, but one or the other wakes up when I get that far. Maybe one day...

aunt lala said...

you need to get your knee checked out by a doctor instead of making homemade yogurt!!! :)