Saturday, November 22, 2008


I know! Can you believe I'm using that title, and I'm not even referring to Jack?

One of my favorite blog friends (if by friend I mean someone whose blog I stalk, staying up way too late at night to catch her daily post and who reads my blog just as faithfully doesn't really know I exist... don't you love the internet?) , MckMama, has set up a Small Fryday Contest in honor of her daughter Small Fry. The rules are that you have to post about the contest on your own blog and then link back to My Charming Kids. Click here to see the fun prizes you can win! MckMama is doing this to generate some awesome new blog readers that might help her do something great for String of Pearls. So I figured my only hope of winning was to include the most LINKS to her blog of anyone, and maybe a cute as can be picture of Small Fry, who is 10 days older than Jack.

Here's Small Fry saying hi...


What do you think? I'm thinking future daughter-in-law. :-) Hope she doesn't see those crazy hair picture of Jack!

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