Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday


It's been a while since I participated in this blogfest, so I decided this week I was in desperate need of a Not me! post.

No matter what anyone tells you, I most certainly did not do the following this  past week:

I did not wear the same pink Christmas pajamas nearly the entire week, prompting Mike to wash them one night just so I could put them back on clean after my shower. I get dressed in a new outfit every morning, and I most certainly don't schlep around in my pj's all day. Neither does Jack.

I wasn't secretly thrilled that my husband deemed the roads too icy to be safe last Wednesday morning, therefore deciding to go into work late. I did not procede to go back to sleep until 9 am, since he was home to play with Jack.

On that same day, since Jack was wearing a Christmas looking outfit (which he had not worn to bed the night before) I did not try to get pictures of him by our Christmas tree. Since he always cooperates fully, I did't try to bribe him to sit by the tree with Cheez-Its. That worked perfectly, but if it hadn't I absolutely would not have bribed him with a chocolate chip cookie.

I did not teach Jack the game "night-night... wake-up!" simply so I could lay on the floor and close my eyes, but pretend it was so he could practice saying "night-night," which he doesn't sound totally adorable saying.

I did not start this Not Me! post last Wednesday because I can't ever seem to get my act together on a Monday to post something. I'm totally together!

Want to share what you didn't do last week? Join in here!


Lindsley said...

Too funny. I started my not me's last Monday b/c I had something to write about! And have spent countless minutes and photo sessions trying to sit my 10 month old in front of the tree without having him turn around to pet it or talk to the lights!

S.L.P said...

I love the night night game! Now if I could just get my homeschooled 7 year old to play along...