Friday, January 9, 2009

Is there anything more adorable

than a little boy in his overalls? Some new pictures (finally!) and a video to boot!

January 091


Here's Jack, working on his, "How could you be mad at this face, Mommy?" face.


We decided to get away and visit Allison's parents in Des Moines last weekend, and had a wonderful time. Jack and Kennison had fun playing peekaboo with Nana's table, and we all had a great time with Kenny's brother and sister, and Cousin Braden who drove down to see us. Good times!

DSC02623DSC02631 DSC02633

Jack decided to be a daredevil the other night, but got very upset when he realized he couldn't get down!

DSC02648 DSC02649

But really, the overalls just beat it all, don't they?


This video cracks me up! Now before you think I drill Jack every night before bed, let me just tell you that I don't! He was given a magna doodle for Christmas and loves to bring it to me and have me spell out his name. I did it once and he kept asking again and AGAIN! Somewhere along the way he picked out the letters "A" and sometimes "K", and now he can help me spell his name!


Anonymous said...

More cute pictures of the adorable little guy, but we did not see the video you were talking about with him spelling his name. He is a very smart little boy for his age. That has to do with him having a loving mom and dad that play with him, talk to him, and read to him. Also, we have to give GIGI credit also. He is surrounded by a lot of smart people.

The Marks
Tenna and Wendell

Anonymous said...

After I sent you the comment,I went back to the blog and the video had appeared. It was adorable. Momsie and I think it is time to teach him his ABC's from A-Z since he is so smart. We feel that he should know these by Monday. HA HA. That is what you are suppose to do this weekend since it is so cold outside with all the snow. We hope to hear from Jack on Monday with his ABC's. Have a wonderful weekend. Give Jack hugs and kisses from us and Momsie and tell him that we love him very much.
Tenna and Momsie