Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today was warm!


We had to take advantage of the warm weather, so we headed to Allison and Kenny's and let Kennison and Jack run around outside. Poor Colton is sick with another ear infection and was just miserable today. He enjoyed the outside air from a stroller, but I'm sure the sunshine did him just as well as it did all of us!


Jack and Kennison, however ran in circles around me and Mike! Or, I should say, drove in circles.



Jack didn't quite understand how the Cosy Coupe (or as Kennison calls it, the Coupey Coupe) works. You can see the hands reaching in to help him. I wish I could tell you they were mine, but I decided to take a picture instead.


Then we ran around in the grass a bit. Jack loves leaves. :-)


Jack's newest phrase is actually a song. We noticed whenever Kennison sings "Happy Birthday" (which is one of the favorites in her repertoire) he would mumble-sing something. Today I decoded it as "Hap-py day you" with a couple of "tha tha"s (cha cha cha) thrown in, and although it is interspersed with some random babbling in this video, if you listen very closely you can hear it a few times. He's such a ham!


Andes Adventures said...

THE MOST ADORABLE VIDEO of Jack I have ever seen, all the way to the end with the bye-bye! Oh my goodness, he is so cute!!! Great singing Jackers! Mabye I will get a solo from you on my birthday...what an awesome present that would be!!! See you soon.

amosclarkson said...

Very cute....I can hear " you" very well! Very fun. Looking forward to seeing you guys this week!