Tuesday, March 31, 2009

17 things for 17 months

Our little man turned 17 months over the weekend.  I can't believe that next month he'll be halfway to two. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating his first birthday. Who am I kidding? It seems like just yesterday that he was born! I have some new pictures to upload, but the camera battery is dead and it's still charging. Until I get them uploaded, I thought I'd give you 17 Jack facts in honor of 17 months!

1. Jack's favorite foods are pizza, avocado, oatmeal, and yogurt. He also loves milk.

2. He loves his cousin Colton, and goes around the house calling "Coco?" All. Day. Long. when Colton isn't here.

3. Although he was a giant at birth and for most of his first year, he's slowed down a ton and now measures up to be just above average.

4. He currently seems to have forgotten the word for "Daddy" and squeals "Mama!" when Mike comes into a room. Mike does not think that's funny.

5. Right now Jack is all about pushing his limits... saying "no" to a request I make or flat out ignoring me. While I'm all about developing independence this is one thing I do not think is funny.

6. Conversely, he can be sweeter than ever now, and routinely leans in to give a big, fat, open mouthed kiss.

7. Jack doesn't talk in sentences, he talks in paragraphs. Paragraphs that, for the most part, I can't understand. But he definitely knows what he's trying to say!

8. Climbing on and off of furniture takes up at least 30% of any given day for him.

9. Jack refuses to feed himself from a spoon. I'm almost positive he could, but he refuses.

10. When he was little, his most commented on feature were his eyes. Although he still has big, beautiful, blue eyes, now people are most likely to comment on his massive amounts of hair.

11. Jack LOVES to brush his teeth. He points to his mouth and asks me, "teef?" five or six times a day.

12. His other great love is Barney. Barney has allowed him to create his first ever four-word sentence... "I wash Bartey more!" (translation: I watch Barney more!)...which he says at the end of the episode. For Easter he is getting a Barney toothbrush (see his first love above) that I found at the dollar store.

13. Jack is super polite. He usually says "pees" and "than tu" without being prompted. Unfortunately he also thinks being polite means he's entitled to whatever he's asking for. Even if that's the last bite of my sugar cookie.

14. He has a signature dance move that involves bending sideways (think I'm a Little Teapot) with his hands, palms out, above his head.

15. Jack is going to be a great big brother. I just know it.

16. The first thing I hear in the morning, every morning, is "Mama?" Then "Maaaaaamaaaaa." I love it. :-)

17. Jack can "sing" his ABC's to the letter K. There's nothing more heartwarming to me than hearing my baby singing.

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