Saturday, April 25, 2009

Parade of Playhouses

Today we went down to Town Center to enjoy Habitat for Humanity's Parade of Playhouses. It was such a great day. The kids got to run around and play, it was slightly overcast and breezy, and the playhouses were so amazing! It's a good thing we got there after the silent auction was over, or I would have wanted to bid on them! Sorry most of the pictures are of Jack's back. He was definitely too enthralled to pay any attention to me. As a matter of fact, he kept running off to the next house... giving me several heart attacks! He is truly fearless out in public.


The spaceship... Jack and Kennison running mission control


Ringing the fire station bell


An enchanted castle


A very modern-looking house


The hardware shop


The recycling house

And then... I finally gave in and let Jack play in the fountains. He'd been trying to head there all day, so I stripped off his shirt and socks (so he'd have at least that to ride home in) and rolled up his pants, which ended up being completely pointless after he got them sopping wet! As these pictures show, both he and Kennison LOVED it.



He took a moment to escape...


And yes, the house is for sale, not the boy!


Then dove right back in.


As for Colton?


This is how much he loved the water.

And this...


is how Jack felt about leaving the fountains.

*Until I told him we were going to get ice cream* :-)

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amosclarkson said...

We thought about attending but then decided not to :( It looks like it was fun!