Thursday, May 14, 2009

Caution: LOTS of cute pictures ahead!

Allison and I took the kids to Paradise Park earlier this week. What an awesome place- you'll see in these pictures how much all three enjoyed it! After, we met the daddies for lunch at a pizza place, then all headed home to CRASH for naps.

Cute Construction Workers

DSC03788 DSC03790

Outside Play

DSC03791 DSC03872 DSC03796 DSC03793


DSC03859 DSC03860 DSC03864

Water Fun

DSC03810 DSC03816 DSC03818 

Mini Town

DSC03833 DSC03847 DSC03850DSC03838  DSC03843 DSC03845

The "Baby" Room

DSC03829 DSC03831 DSC03828

Painting... also known as "Playing in the Sink"

DSC03857 DSC03855


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