Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jolly Green Shortleg

Our appointment at the orthopedic surgeon went well. Jack is now the proud owner of a very loud green cast.


Specifically, a waterproof, walking, short leg green cast. DSC04148

It even has it's own tiny walking shoe, which I need to fix to help him keep it on better.

He did a great job at the appointment, considering we got there at 2:15 and pulled out of the parking lot around 5. The only time he cried was when he had his x-ray and I wasn't allowed to stay (because of the risk of radiation during pregnancy), but he was overall very patient and even sat still while his cast was being put on/drying! His fracture is expected to heal well and fast- we go back in three weeks to get the cast off, and may or may not have to go back to his walking boot after that (hopefully not!).

He seems to be much more stable in the cast, and doesn't really seem to mind it at all! He's still weary of putting any weight on it, but eventually I bet he'll be running hobbling around like his normal self! For now we're just chilling at home, watching a lot of Barney, and trying to find things to engage him while he's not super mobile.


Daddy also bought Jack his very own wagon (ok, his very own until Charlie gets here and he has to learn a whole new dimension of sharing :-)! Since Jack loves Kennison and Colton's so much we've been looking for one at a garage sale, but haven't had much luck. We thought this was the perfect time to splurge, and he's enjoyed riding around the house and driveway in his new wheels!


Overall, we feel very blessed that his fracture isn't worse, and that he seems to be in good spirits despite this very long, icky week. He's even off the strong pain meds already and taking regular old Motrin and Tylenol at the end of the day (when he seems to start hurting) and at night. What a trooper!


Could you just pinch those cheeks?!


amosclarkson said...

Glad to hear all went well. Love the green cast! Hopefully we'll see you soon!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I am just catching up on your blog, poor little Jack, it sounds like you guys have had a bit of a rough week or so. It sounds like Jack is on the mend!

How are you doing otherwise? I miss you guys, hopefully coming home in September although I know that sounds like such a long time from now. I can't wait to hear about camp!