Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Music Moves Me

Jack is loving music more and more. He has even started to "narrate" his day through song. His conversational skills have also taken off. Here are a few examples of common Jack phrases these days, with a video montage of made up and parts of "real" songs at the end.

These days, Jack can say:

Uh, oh? Where'd it go? I don't know!/ Here is!

Oh, no! What happened? [usually after doing something like dumping out a bucket of toys]

No, I don't want any/No, I don't want some.

Mama (Gigi, Papa, etc.) come on!

Let's do it!

Mmmmm, it's good!

What dat?/ What dis?

Come on! Wet's go!

He Papa (Grandpa)/ He Meemaw (Grandma)/ He Mama [while pointing people out... right now "he" can mean he, she, or you!]

One, Two, Free, Four [sung as he marches around] or March! March!

I sorwy. [used appropriately only sometimes, but so darn cute]

Where phone? [when it rings] ball? ehfant [elephant]?

And, the other day in the car I hear him count to 10 all by himself with no prompting!

He's also loving talking to my tummy. I have some precious video, but I'm not sure I'm ready for the world to view my very stretched out stomach! A typical "conversation sounds like this:

Where Carnie (Charlie). [lifts shirt] Dere is! [gives lots of kisses and hugs]Ahhhh. Nice baby. Huuuuug!

[sings the Barney song to my tummy] I love you...

Bye bye, baby. [Said to little brother as he puts my shirt back down] Where baby go?

Rinse, Repeat

And the video you've been waiting for:


Anonymous said...

You are adorable. We love the singing. We would like to hear your prayer. Momsie said that you are very cute praying before you eat.
We love you
Tenna, Wendell, Savannah, Jay, Calrton and Jacob Marks

amosclarkson said...

You have a wonderful voice, Jack! Next time we are together, I think you should sing and Eli will dance! We could take some fun video, too!

Amy said...

I love this video fun!!-Amy