Sunday, July 26, 2009

Florida in pictures

Our week in Florida is over, and we had a wonderful time! Here's a mini snapshot of what the week entailed.

Jack couldn't get enough of the pool, where he worked on his pouring skills.


He also took quite an interest in the plants outside.


He and Gigi practiced stacking blocks and counting... then knocking them down.


Jack visited for the beach for the first time (much more on that later)...


and also visited the Ice Cream Truck man for the first time and had his first ice cream sandwich.


He played in Papa's (clean!) gardening gloves,


and finally, chilled out with Teddy Bear after long days of playing.


We were sad to say goodbye to Gigi, Papa and Lala, but thrilled that Gigi will be here in just seven or eight weeks when Charlie is born! I can tell that Jack is especially going to miss his Gigi- he's quite fond of her after getting to spend his whole summer with her. Luckily we got lots of video of the two of them together to tide him over! More later!

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