Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy (several days after the) 4th!


I know my posts this summer have been few and far between. But right now I have an awesome excuse. Not only is my mom still here (and for another week, too!) my dad has been here for a week as well. We've been having a WONDERFUL time with Gigi and Papa.

Our 4th of July was a great day. We began with a brunch at Allison and Kenny's and got together with our friends Josh and Stephanie and their cutie pie Ava.


All the kids were in matching outfits, and since my shirt happened to coordinate, everyone decided Charlie needed a spot in the photo as well. :-)


The baby was a big hit!

DSC04223 DSC04226 

Don't ask about the baby bottle Jack picked up...


Did you notice Jack's big boy haircut?


We met back up for a picnic in our backyard. Jack enjoyed the fireworks that went off in our neighborhood during the day (he calls them "clapping") but we felt like it was too late to take him out that night since he goes to bed at 7. My mom was awesome and stayed with him while my dad came out with us to watch the show!

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amosclarkson said...

Love the matching outfits! Great that your mom & dad can spend so much time with you this summer. Soon you'll have little Charlie to hold...not too far!