Saturday, August 22, 2009

The big 2-6

Last week I turned 26, and I had some really great opportunities to celebrate! We started by going out to dinner with Allison and Kenny at the Melting Pot- yum! Mike and I had a gift card we've been saving, and Allison and Kenny gave us a coupon, so it was a splurge that was especially sweet because of the great deal we got! We forgot to take the camera to the restaurant, but I did make Mike finally take a belly pic of me when we got home. This was me at 34 weeks, and  at 36 weeks now, I feel like I grow an inch around everyday!

DSC04503 DSC04505

The night before my birthday Allison cooked me a yummy dinner of fajitas (my favorite!) and my requested gift of a Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheesecake, which I must say is absolutely my favorite dessert I've ever had. I shared some pics of the kids from that night in a previous post, but here are a couple more.


Mike enjoying a beverage in my honor...


The reason I couldn't enjoy a beverage of my own. :-) And proof that I'm growing by the minute.


The most amazing cheesecake ever!

Then, Monday morning I enjoyed a special breakfast with two of my mommy friends, and stayed to play for a while (the kids played, I mean). It was such a wonderful, relaxing way to spend the morning and I left with these two beautiful gifts...

DSC04570 DSC04572

Finally, last night we celebrated with Mike's family with a yummy Zio's dinner. :-)

I even earned some loot from Jack and Mikey...


An under the counter radio for the kitchen, so I can listen to the radio or CDs while I cook/clean the kitchen... along with a sewing organizing kit, and battery powered bobbin winder, of which no pictures were taken.


And a minivan (a long researched purchase that, really, just happened to occur around my birthday), which apparently means that 26 is also the birthday that I become a "real" grown-up!

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Anjanette said...

happy birthday! And that cheesecake looks aweeseommme! I told Rob that the thing I want most for my birthday is an ice cream cake... *drool*