Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All Things Crafty

Just a few more updates of my crafty endeavors...


About a week before Charlie was born I decided I HAD to make a car seat blanket cover. Then I learned about rag quilts... and it was all over. I took a bunch of the smaller receiving blankets I knew (from experience with Jack) we wouldn't be able to swaddle with, and came up with this fun quilt. It will be fun for tummy time, with lots of patterns and shapes, and the sewn on ribbons mean that it ties onto the car seat perfectly to protect Charlie from the wind and coldness that I know is coming. When he's out of the infant carrier stage, they'll tie onto the stroller. Please ignore the squares that aren't well aligned. This cemented my decision that quilting is not really my thing.


Here is is on the car seat! The best part is, instead of taking it off every time, it works perfectly to just flip the front piece over the top to make a hood!


Here are the shoes I (finally!) made for Lindsay's cutie pie Natalie! I just adore the ribbon flowers that Allison taught me to make.


This is an I-spy quilt I made for Jack. He likes it sometimes, but not as much as I'd hoped. We've taken it grocery shopping a few times and it does keep him occupied, with me asking him to find certain objects. I backed it with transportation-themed flannel, so he can turn it over and play with his cars/ trains on it.


Finally, this is a magnetic paper doll set I made for Jack. I found templates in one of my mom's education books, colored them, then printed them out on magnetic paper and cut them out. Jack has actually played with this more than I thought he would, and "talks" to little magnetic Jack while he dresses him- so cute!


Anjanette said...

great job on everything! What fun ideas!! I have a bag made from flannel receiving blankets in the style that you made the car seat cover and its just precious. Has a hole in it I need to repair... and has since Aidan was like 6 weeks old, so that tells you how on the ball I am. :)

Lindsay N said...

You are so crafty, Tori! I'm filing the magnetic paper doll and carseat blanket ideas away in my head for later use!

IncogKnito said...

Miss Tori, have you ever seen these things before? I Spy Bag Maybe this will work for Jack in the grocery store! More to look at! Great crafty things. Love 'em.