Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting ready for baby... diapers and MORE burp cloths!

We're planning on use disposables for Charlie (and probably Jack, too!) for the first few weeks of his life, just to simplify my life without the extra laundry. But this pattern for a newborn fitted diaper were just so cute, I had to make a couple. Besides, they'll probably fit on Jack's baby later on, too. We have these two, two others and two small covers, so obviously not enough to use cloth full-time, but maybe Charlie will be so cute in these dipes that I'll have to make more!

DSC04618 DSC04620

I have a new obsession- burp cloths. I found a tutorial for these flannel burp rags, with frayed edges, modified it slightly, and just had to make a stack. I used some of the flannel I have sitting in my bin upstairs that I've gotten over the years on the remnants cart. These are so soft and cuddly, and seem like they'll be super absorbent!

DSC04643 DSC04645


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MaryAnne said...

Those are cute burp cloths - diapers too!

My baby outgrew the newborn diapers I made in a couple weeks, but they work great as doll diapers so they aren't going to waste.