Sunday, October 18, 2009

Binky Love

Yep, Charlie loves his pacifier.


Unfortunately he ONLY takes the ones from the hospital. He won't take any of the Nuks we had for Jack, or the Soothie brand sold in stores. Apparently there is some nuance of difference (that I can't tell) in them that he doesn't like. Luckily, I have an in at the hospital, and was able to score two more, bringing our grand total to 4 that he will take. We needed at least one more, since Jack is often taking and hiding them. :-)

*Disclaimer* Before anyone freaks out, I ONLY let him sleep on his tummy (which he loves- he slept for 2 1/2 hrs. like this!) on the couch like this during the day, while I'm in the same room with him and can watch and hear him breathing.

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Anjanette said...

no freaking out here. Aidan has always only napped on his belly. The only reason he ever slept in any different position at night was because we co-slept with him in the crook of my arm. I'm hoping new baby enjoys being swaddled and seeping that way.