Friday, October 9, 2009

Family Time- and a video surprise!

I know this blog is basically just turning into a picture-fest of my kids, but quite frankly I haven't done much in the last three weeks but hang out here and stare at them. Such is the season of life we are in.

Actually, today was a big day in that I actually went two places with both boys in tow. The first was to Toddler Town, a fun indoor play place that a nearby school system sponsors, and then to Jo Ann's to get some fabric. Toddler Town was awesome... Jack played hard with Eli and his cousins, and Charlie slept in the moby wrap. Good times had by all. Jo Ann's was a different story. Not for Charlie, except that he slept in the sling rather than the wrap, but Jack- well let's just say he didn't want to be there. Fun times for all.

Moving on, more picture of the kids... at least the grandparents are loving these picture posts!

Daddy and Charlie


(A very scary picture of) Mama and Jack- who apparently wants you to notice his ear

And some of the boys alone:

DSC05066 DSC05067 DSC05068

Finally, yesterday I was giving Charlie tummy time, and he did this three times in a row. This video was the third time, so it takes a little longer, but I could hardly believe it. I know it's probably a fluke, but hey, at least I have video proof that it happened!


Anjanette said...

woah!! strong boy!! :)

IncogKnito said...

LOL! Oh, my goodness that is hilarious. I like that he's making noises which I'm sure were helping his efforts. ;)