Friday, October 2, 2009

Go Fish!


Jack was recently gifted with several wooden puzzles, one of which holds multicolored fish with magnets on them and came with a magnetic "fishing pole." Jack is incredibly into puzzles right now, and loves to pretend to fish, so this was such a timely gift!


Today I set out the quilt that Charlie was given in the NICU (our favorite nurse actually put it in his bassinet as a sheet as his congratulations, they're kicking you out gift.


Jack loves this quilt, and I thought it would make fun "water" for him to fish in. We practiced counting the fish, catching them with the magnet pole (hello fine motor skills- it's harder than it looks!), looking for different colors, and just playing in general.


Then Jack started pretending to eat the fish. That kid cracks me up. Lesson over. Play away, baby boy! Just don't actually bite the wood, k?

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