Thursday, December 24, 2009

Baking Day!

Allison, our friend R, and I had a baking Saturday sans (big) kids a few weeks ago.

On the agenda:

R's Super-Yummy Pecan Truffle Brownies

Pioneer Woman's Sugar Cookies

Blueberry Bars

Mini Bagels

Soft Pretzels


We got everything ready to go, and prepared to bake up a storm!DSC06079

I had to take a few breaks to tend to this guy:


but overall he was pretty easy.


This little chica showed up half way through and was a big help, too- free babysitting! :-)

DSC06083 DSC06085

After a while my other two best guys showed up as well!


R finished her brownies, I got the cookie dough mixed up, the bagel dough in the machine, and Allison made the pretzel dough. After the first batch of cookies, though, we noticed that the cookies were taking a LONG time to bake...


Uh oh! Could it be?


Yes, sadly baking day was interrupted by a BROKEN OVEN!


(Allison calling around for help.)


The mini bagels boiled and basking in the sun (maybe that will bake them?).

Luckily, the oven just turned out to have a blown fuse, and they were able to fix it pretty quickly. We split up the remaining doughs, etc. and met up later in the week to exchange baked goods. Everyone eventually got to try everything. Well, except for the pretzels, which I took home to bake and ended up eating all of  didn't taste good at all! Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

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