Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some Handmade Christmas Gifts

Our Christmas was all about the homemade this year... and let me tell you I have never had more fun Christmasing (I made that word up as a little girl and it's stuck in our family :-) than I did this year! Making things for the ones you love is one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday!

Here are a few samples of what the Friedrichs are giving this year! Sorry I didn't link to any tutorials (some of these were from tutorials and some are my own design)... my bookmarks have disappeared, and I can't find them. Anybody know how to fix that- it's driving me nuts!

For the kiddos in our lives (including our own!):


Chalkboard Placemats


Coco and Jack each got a tool belt to go with a helmet/goggle set I found on clearance after Christmas last year


Play 'n Store Mats filled with various goodies (more on these later!)

DSC04654 DSC05223

A Baby Sling and Patchwork Scarves for the girlies

 DSC06114 DSC06117

Felt Mr. Potato Head

 DSC05221DSC06207 DSC06206

Crinkle Taggie Squares, Stuffed Taggie Elephants, and Cloth Teething Rings for the Babes


And, of course, the obligatory Christmas Shirt :-)

For the grown-ups:


Fabric Postcards with a Fabric Writing Pen


Coffee Cozies with Felt Designs


iPod/iPhone/cell phone holders

...and a few others which shall be revealed after the recipients (aka grandparents) receive them! :-)

You can also check out Monkey Stitch, if you want, to see the Christmas Gifts Allison and I worked on for other people this season. :-)

And, I was happy to get the chance to whip up some reusable gift bags this year, too!

DSC05445 DSC05483


amosclarkson said...

Oh are TOO good!

Anjanette said...

oh my goodness, that mr. potato head is the best thing ever!