Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year's Eve Fondue!

Every year for New Year's Eve Allison's family and ours have a fondue party. We've had this tradition since just after Mike and I got married, so this was our fifth party! We traditionally do cheese, meat, and a chocolate fountain (see pics below), but this year decided to forgo the fountain for plain old chocolate fondue in a pot.


We were joined this year by our good friend Amy and Mike's brother, Dave.


Here's a look at New Year's Eves past!


December 31, 2005- The first one, where we realize how easily the chocolate fountain clogs and how hard it is to clean. And by we, I mean Mike. :-)


Let's get crazy!

December 31, 2006- The one where Mike found his shirt from the year before so he wouldn't mess up a new shirt


December 31, 2007- The one with no picture, most likely due to a screaming 2 month old who shall remain unnamed... {cough}


Dec 08 (185)

December 31, 2008- The one where Allison and her family got sick, so Amy and my mom hung out with us and we just did cheese and chocolate



December 31, 2009- The one where Charlie slept the whole time. 

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Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun!! I'm so sad we missed it this year. :(