Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Charlie!

Charlie, you are 6 months old! Here are some of the fun things you are doing!

  • You're rolling everywhere!
  • You giggle at your brother and cousins.
  • Playing with toys- and everything makes its way to your mouth!
  • You sleep through the night on occasion.
  • You pull out your pacifier then try to put it back in.
  • You can sit up by yourself for up to 15 minutes (although I still put the boppy pillow behind you in case you fall).
  • You love to raise your arm up then bang it down on whatever is near, over and over. :)
  • You still suck your thumb, and you even try to suck it while you're nursing!
  • You're a cat-napper, just like your brother was.
  • You're still one of the sweetest, most content babies I've ever met!

Charlie at 6 months

Weight: 16 lbs. (25%)

Height: 28 inches (90%)


(You're a peanut compared to your brother- but a tall peanut!)

Jack at 6 months

Weight: 19 lbs. 15 oz. (90%)

Height: 26 1/2 inches (75%)

April (52)


Anjanette said...

Wow! Hard to believe it's been 6 months!!! What a cutie!

Amy said...

Your little peanuts are soooo cute! I can't believe how much they look alike...I think it those big blue eyes :)