Saturday, April 3, 2010

Conversation with Jack


Oh, my firstborn... He's just about the funniest kid I know sometimes! Here's a recent example of a conversation we had. Jack was sitting at the kitchen table at breakfast time, playing with "maydo" while I cleaned up and got breakfast ready. As you can see, he was also pretending that Manny from Handy Manny was there too, or else maybe he had created Manny out of playdough? I can't always tell!

Me: Jack, do you want some apples?

Jack: Mama, what's Manny doing?

Me: Um, I don't know Jack. Do you want some apples?

Jack: He has a job to do?

Me: Maybe? Do you want some apples for breakfast?

Jack: He has to get to work?

Me: {sigh} I guess so.

{10 second pause}

Jack:  Mama, can I have some apples?

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