Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fireman Jack

A good friend of ours arranged a fun tour of her local fire station. I told Jack the day before and he could hardly contain his excitement! He LOVES any and everything to do with firemen and fire trucks, and the day didn't disappoint! The firefighters were SO accommodating and patient, and went way out of their way to show us around.


They had kid sized firefighter costumes hanging right next to the firemens' real deal outfits. Jack loved dressing up- especially the boots!


I think he looks like he's thinking, "Let's get to work!"


Next they let the kids get up to "drive" the engine, and pulled out all the stops- lights and ringing the bell!


The whole crew


We decided to walk to and from, which was fun except that it ended up raining and of course Jack and Colton decided they needed to carry their own umbrellas leading to several meltdowns on Jack's part. I decided to try out Charlie in the Mei Tai carrier I made him on my back, which was great (you can JUST barely see his foot in the picture)! We put the hood up and he napped almost the whole time. It left my hands free to help the big boys and everyone was happy!


Thanks to Cheryl for taking pictures for me!

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Anjanette said...

LOVE the edited pic! They are so darn cute!