Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A milestone...

Charlie is eating! He actually has been for a little over a month now and he's a great eater! So far he's tried (in roughly this order): banana, oatmeal, apple, sweet potato, avocado, and squash. This week we'll try some green veggies and carrots.


He wasn't super crazy about the avocado, but everything else he's gobbled right up! He also loves any kind of cracker or bread he can get his hands on (a boy after his mama's heart :). The other day I made him some graham crackers, and boy did he go to town!


This weekend I let him try a few of Jack's cheerios, and he mostly had fun playing with them. His pincer grasp isn't quite perfected, but he did get a few into his mouth.


Sunday morning I took advantage of the early hours before Daddy and Jack woke up to take some video of Charlie babbling... enjoy!

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