Friday, October 29, 2010

The Big 3

Happy Birthday to my biggest boy, the baby who made me a mama, my very favorite Super Jacky Boy (his favorite way to reference himself)!

Since the day you were born you started going and never stopped!

Delivery Room (20)

Minutes Old

Today, your Aunt Allison described you with these words: exuberant, entertaining, exhausting, elaborate, emphatic. I couldn't agree more! Everything you do- laughing, crying, loving, learning- you do with gusto and all the drama of a now three year old! I love that you never do anything half way- it's all or nothing with you buddy!

Oct 08 (263)

One Year

Some things you love, in no particular order: pizza, wrestling with your brother, singing and talking(constantly :), sneaking into bed with Mama and Daddy in the middle of the night, suckers, your cousins, playing baseball with Daddy, performing on our coffee table "stage," watching TV (well, I can't deny it!), and morning table (learning) time with Mama.


This has been such a big year for you. You learned how to be a big brother. You started talking in paragraphs, rather than mere sentences. You potty trained yourself this summer. You started preschool and Sunday School. You learned compassion and how to exert your will (strongly). You learned about consequences. You loved Jesus.

Two Years


3 Years

Your daddy and I are so proud of the little boy you're growing up to be, but mostly we're just thankful to be your parents. As much as your go-go-GO personality makes me pull my hair out at times, I can't wait to see what amazing things God does with your life!


Happy Birthday, sweet boy.



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