Saturday, October 23, 2010

Party Like a Superhero!

We celebrated Jack's 3rd and Charlie's 1st Birthdays last weekend with a few friends and family. We had a superhero theme, and it was a big hit with Jack!


These cake pops are a post in themselves. Let's just say, I'm SO not Bakerella. Seriously, nothing went right with them. I guess that's a post in itself. :)

DSC07693 DSC07673

These are the superhero shirts I made for the boys. Simple...


with a cape that snaps to the back a la Superman pajamas from my (husband's) youth.

DSC07698 DSC07699

The boys had fun while waiting for the party to get started, although Jack feigned shyness.


For an activity I just made some simple paper masks and put out craft stuff for the kids to decorate them. I'm pretty sure Jack spent about 80% of his time doing this. He was especially impressed by the unsupervised opportunity to use glue sticks!

DSC07702   DSC07708DSC07711

The rest of the time, the kids just ran around in the backyard! It was a beautiful day, perfect for a fall fling!

 DSC07709 DSC07740

What a great way to celebrate my favorite little guys turning a year older! Happy birthday boys!

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