Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quick Takes

Life here has been crazy, although it's all just day to day stuff. Such is the life with littles I suppose. :) I've neglected the blog, but without the time to give a proper update, I'll give you a few random quick takes (read: I don't have to form cohesive, flowing paragraphs.)

1. Charlie= still not walking. Also, Charlie= cute as ever.


2. I finally decorated for Christmas. We decided not to put up the big tree, and just went with the little table top tree and a few decorations.



3. Someone send us Christmas cards! Our card displaying wreath (see above) is looking really sad!

4. Jack , although going through (another) stubborn "phase," is doing well. He loves preschool and I think generally does pretty well there. Today he came home and told me he didn't go to time-out today! I'm sure there's been a day before when he didn't go... maybe? But, he was very proud of himself for listening to Ms. Stacey today.


5. I've taken to letting Charlie stay in fleece footie pj's all day. Sooo much easier in the frigid weather. Also, no socks for him to pull off.


6. I've been super busy with Monkey Stitch orders. Some examples of what I've worked on lately:

DSC08019DSC08011 DSC08005 DSC08026

Keep up with it all on!

7. We got the boys' pictures taken on Monday. We got some good ones that I'll post soon, but here are a couple of outtakes.

0042 0088   0008

8. I'm ready for bed. Goodnight!


Deborah said...

Cute things, Tori! Kids, too, of course. :)

Do you promote your items on FB at all? How do your advertise?

Amy said...

Your Christmas card is on its way from Australia :)

Dinglefest said...

Last year we did the little tree too! We've moved back to a big tree this year, but I'm not certain that it was the safest choice at Robbie's age! :)

Could you send me your address? I can't find it, but I definitely want you on our Christmas card list.