Monday, January 3, 2011


Well, I pretty much did a terrible job on the picture front at Christmas. We all had so much fun that I hardly thought to get the camera out!

First a few more from Christmas Eve...

DSC08161 DSC08171

Lauren's boyfriend Adi got Jack a remote control fire truck and Charlie a singing car. Both were a HUGE hit.


Gigi and Charlie


Lala and Jack


In our family, the tradition is that Santa doesn't wrap gifts. He's a busy guy, so he just leaves them out! Jack asked Santa for Mickey (which was surprising to Mama!) and Santa delivered with Mickey pj's, sippy cups and a flashlight. Papa helped Santa out by getting a container truck with a jet taking off the back! Gigi and Santa teamed up to get Charlie a ride on fire truck for Gigi's house, Elmo doll, and outfit. And silly Santa stuffed the stockings so full he just scattered the candy all over the fireplace. As you can see, none of us could want for anything after Christmas!


Another big hit- big Woody! Even more popular are the action figure Woody and Buzz that Lala gave him. They never leave his fists!


Buzz hat and gloves from Gigi and Papa!


Lala reading Charlie's new book, "I Love You, Stinky Face."

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