Friday, May 20, 2011

Swing Set!

Last fall, the grandparents got together to purchase a swing set for the boys. It has been an amazing gift that I can tell (especially with another boy on the way) we’ll be enjoying for MANY years.

A HUGE thanks to Daddy, Meemaw and Papa for building it- no small task. There are still a couple of parts to get up- the awning over the tower and a little picnic table that goes underneath. Then, once we get mulch underneath we’ll be ready to go!

We’ve already enjoyed lots of outside cousin playdates.


Gee, what’s that on your face, Charlie?


I had Charlie out in his cute, newly made outfit to snap some pictures of him in it…


until he found the dirt pile.


(This would be his reaction to me removing him from the dirt pile.)


Ah, boys… whatcha gonna do?

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