Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jack’s Camp Show!

Jack’s stage debut, as one of 19 narrators in friendSHIP, a musical, took place late last month. He loved camp, and is still singing songs from the show!

Here’s his sailor costume. You can read about how I made it here.


Practicing his moves…


He was excited to be on stage and did pretty well! He stayed in his spot, (mostly) kept his hands to himself Smile, and did *some* of the movements to the songs. He did get a bit distracted by the hat, and yawned several times toward the end.


Even Charlie-boy, equipped with the proper snacks, was a pretty good audience member!


Several of Jack’s friends and my mama friends came to see the show- we are so blessed by such sweet friends! And after, the boys, Mike and all 4 grandparents headed to Chick fil A for lunch. I’m totally unsure of what’s happening in this picture, but I love it!


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