Monday, August 1, 2011

VBS in the Outback

Jack got the opportunity to attend VBS at a friend’s church every evening last week. I went with him three of the nights, and he loved it! The theme was Australia, and they learned several Bible stories that Jack can now tell! His favorite is Jesus Walking on the Water. Last week, I overheard Kennison and Colton (who also came) playing with Jack and they were playing, “Rise Up and Walk.” Very sweet.


He’s been singing “The B-I-E-I-E” (The BIBLE) over and over and sitting down to “read” his Bible on the little “sit-upon” pad they sent home with him.


Here he is in all his outback gear that they made at VBS, complete with red icing from the cake that was served at the end of VBS celebration. He’s already looking forward to Bible School (or Angel School, as he sometimes calls it) next summer!

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