Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A day with TWO babies!

This morning I watched both Jack and Colton over at Allison and Kenny's house. Colton is a very easy and good baby, so it wasn't really too big a challenge to watch both of them. One funny moment happened while I was simultaneously trying to nurse Jack and give Colton a bottle (he was in the boppy) while Allison got dressed. Allison was laughing and said it would have made a funny picture, except the whole part about me not being fully dressed. :-) Once she left, I took the picture above to demonstrate the big difference in the size of the two of them! They are just a little over two months apart- Jack is 4 months, and Colton is 7 weeks. I couldn't believe how huge Jack looks next to him, while wearing an outfit worn by Kennison well after her first birthday!

Next we played some on the floor and with the boppy- until it was time for the babies to switch. They were very good and we had a fun day!

The next pictures are a couple that I took of Jack and Mike over the last week or two. I just love this outfit with the puffy vest- it makes him look like a little man!

Jack has some interesting sleeping habits- not the least of which is burying his head in Mike's armpit when Mike holds him. Too funny! We are trying to stay well after several Friedrichs that were at Kennison's party Sunday are under the weather- hopefully no sickies for us!

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Jess Arnone said...

I can't believe Jack is 4 months old already. He is soooo adorable! I want one! (ok, not yet...haha!)

I can't wait to see you guys at Allie's wedding! Love you!