Sunday, March 2, 2008

Peek a boo! There's not much to report here, just a few pictures I took tonight while the little man was playing. I was TRYING to get some work done while Mike played with Jack, but Jack only wanted me to hold him. I tried explaining to him that if I didn't work then I'd be fired and we'd have to live in a paper box... apparently that's fine with Jack, as long as while we're in the box I'm the one holding him. Today was a BEAUTIFUL day here so Jack played with no pants on- check out those chunker legs!

Tomorrow is his 4 month appt. which means more shots. Boo! :-( Hopefully it won't be too traumatic! He's just getting over a cold, which of course means he hasn't been sleeping. So, I'm off to bed to try to catch a few minutes of sleep before he's up again!

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