Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kennison is 2!

Our niece, Kennison turned 2 today, and Allison and Kenny did it up in style. (See the above picture of her saying "I'm two!" with her fingers.) We had a wonderful time at her party! Jack seems happiest these days when Mommy is holding him, so I did just that for many of the hours, wearing him in his snuggli, and Kennison was kind enough to "even me out" by hanging out on my back for a bit.
It was great to see everyone in the Friedrich family and some of Allison and Kenny's friends. Check out the picture of the Friedrich men and their boys (and little lady). It's amazing to me looking at the picture how similar many of their features are!
After the party we decided to go for a walk. Today was the first decent weather day in FOREVER- the sun was shining at it made it above 50 degrees. Wahoo! Unfortunately, by the time we decided to walk, got our stuff together, got the kids bundled up, in their car seats, and out in the strollers, it was cold because the sun had gone down. So... we made it to the corner- then turned around. Jack looks very grumpy in the picture because I kept covering up his arms which he hates. I just didn't want him to get cold! Oh, well, maybe next time our walk will work out better!

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