Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our Big Boy Slept Through the Night!!!

So, after months and months, I finally got to have the night that all of those moms promised would happen one day. I put Jack down to bed just after his usual 9:00, did some work, and got myself to sleep around 11. I woke up at 2 and he was still asleep (woo hoo!). I woke up at 4 and(oh my goodness!) he was still asleep. I felt his chest to make sure he was breathing. I woke up at 4:30 and checked his chest again. Finally, at 5:00 I heard him stirring and eating his fist- he was starving I am sure.
That's right, he got almost 8 hours of sleep!
8 hours! And then he slept, although not as soundly, until almost 8:00 this morning.

I've been reading a book called "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" which I've really enjoyed. I think he's just too young to make him "cry it out" but I was starting to lose brain cells as I lost sleep. I am so excited that some of the suggestions in the book seem to be working, and even if the 8 hours thing is a fluke, that Jack (and Mommy) are getting better sleep! We've tried introducing a lovie, a little puppy with a blanket as his body, so that Jack can learn to comfort himself in the middle of the night, and Jack has taken right to it. You can see the puppy's head peaking out with Jack's in the picture.

Also, in our never-ending quest for sleep, I've really been concentrating on nap taking lately. You would think that a baby who doesn't sleep well at night would want to sleep all day- but you'd be wrong. Jack is a cat-napper, never getting into that deep sleep, so I have been trying everything! You can check out the video below of our go at the swing the other day. You can see from his eyes how tired he is, but he's much more interested in talking than sleeping!

We're off to celebrate Kennison's 2nd birthday- happy birthday to a wonderful blessing in our lives!

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