Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My favorite time

One of my favorite times a day is hanging out with Jack just before he falls asleep or right when he wakes up. I love the sleepy smile, they way he lets me cuddle him, and sitting together quietly. And he certainly has a lot to say! Check out the video.

We had started rice cereal last week, but that didn't go over so well... I think the rice was a little too much for his tummy, which has never had to digest anything more than breastmilk, to handle. So, we stopped after three days, let his system reach equilibrium, and tried again this week with baby oatmeal. What a difference! So far, he LOVES oatmeal way more than he ever did rice, and we haven't had the tummy issues (and hopefully won't)! I like doing the cereal for "lunch" because it's helping us establish a mid-day long nap routine. Today he slept for almost two hours!

I've written before about our attempt to get Jack attached to a lovie so he can begin to learn to self-soothe... I think we've succeeded! His new favorite thing is to pull it up over his face just before he drifts off. So, I'm constantly checking on him during naps and at night to make sure I can at least see his nose!

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Geraldine Friedrich said...

Jim and I think the blog is great. We enjoy the pictures and videos of Jack. It seems like he's grown and changing everytime you update it.