Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I hate daylight savings time...

So by now you know that Jack isn't exactly an A+ sleeper. He had been doing really well, but then he got sick... then he had his shots... then, just when he was well and starting to do better, Daylight Savings Time hit! After not napping almost AT ALL on Sunday, he slept until 9 am on Monday morning... great, except that 9 is the time of his usual morning nap! So, then the nap schedule was totally shot Monday as well. We're finally back to a decent nap schedule today, but night time is an entirely different story! Oh, well! I keep threatening to start a petition to do away with DST... I bet every mom I know would sign it!
Jack is more and more fun everyday. He's playing more (check out the fun boppy pics) and has quite the personality. I'm loving everyday with him!

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